Software for the Microsoft Smartphone

E-Book: Getting Started with Smartphone Development

This book contains a series of hands on exercises to help you get started with developing applications that run on the Microsoft Smartphone.

In order to read this you will need Micrsoft Reader which you can download from here.
Microsoft Reader: Download Now

Read and Send SMS messages from your PC

Ever wanted to send an SMS message from your computer via your phone ?
SendSMS allows you to send an SMS through a Smartphone device that is connected to your computer.

Ever wanted to read your SMS messages on your PC screen?
ReadSMS allows you to read the SMS messages that are on your Smartphone from your computer screen.

Here are some of the great testimonials I have received from around the World:

From the UK:

“I want to thank you for this program. I have installed it in my iMate Smartphone and is working fine.”

“A note to thank you for making this program available - I am more than happy to pay for such excellent work”

“Thanks for a great product! I’ve been using this for some time now”

“Nice piece of software”

From Taiwan:
“I’m using your SendSMS program for Smartphone, what a great work it is. I often chat with my friends by it. “

“Hi doctor thankssssssssssssssssssss a lot for ur really cool and useful software “

From France:

“I write a little mail to send you my congratulations for your work. I downloaded SendSMS last week, just a few days after buying my SPV Smartphone, and I find your program excellent !!! I use it very often and it I like your software for its simplicity”

From Norway:

Just wanted to say that SendSMS is a great little app! Keep up the good work!

From the Philippines

“The SendSMS program is a great help for us Smartphone users here in the Philippines”

Software Prerequisites

In order to run this you will need to have a Smartphone device, ActiveSync installed and the .NET Framework Library 1.1 installed on your computer. The software uses Outlook to look up your contacts.

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