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Frequently Asked Questions

What Operating System can I run SmartSMS on?
SmartSMS has only been tested on Windows XP Professional. It should run on any version of Windows that supports Unicode.
The Unicode support is required as the software on the Smartphone OS (Windows CE) only understands Unicode in the commands sent to it.

An unhandled exception of type 'System.MissingMethodException' occurred in SmartSMS.NETCF.dll
This occurs when you are running device side smart clients and the SmartSMSCE.dll has not been copied onto the device.

Where can I get support if I am having issues getting SmartSMS to work?
Right now support is only available online, via forums and email. I cannot take support phone calls.

Software Prerequisites
In order to run this you will need to have a Smartphone device, ActiveSync installed and the .NET Framework Library 1.1 installed on your computer.

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SmartSMS SDK 1.33
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