SmartSMS Development Kit

Enable your .NET software to Send and Read SMS Messages

The SmartSMS Development Kit provides two .NET class libraries.
  • Work with SMS messages from your PC via a Windows Mobile device
  • Work with SMS messages using the .NET Compact Framework on the device

Designed for and tested on:
  • Smartphone 2002
  • Smartphone 2003
  • Pocket PC for Phone 2002
  • Pocket PC for Phone 2003
  • Windows Mobile 2003 (including SE)

The SmartSMS development kit takes all the hard work out of developing SMS aware applications on your PC.
SmartSMS provides you with a managed .NET library with methods for:
  • Sending SMS messages
  • Read SMS messages
  • Deleting SMS messages from the device
  • Marking SMS messages as read/unread
New in version 1.3
  • A new C# Smartphone sample application
  • Additional documentation
  • A new event to monitor messages that fail to send

Features introduced in version 1.2
  • Monitoring any SMS folder for changes via events
  • Audio and visual notifications (the little beep and popup balloons) can be switched on and off
  • Empty a folder of all messages with one method call
  • Get a count of the number of messages in a folder without having to monitor that folder
  • Add SMS messages to a folder (this is great for debugging!)
  • Get a list of all the message folders in the SMS store
  • The two .NET libraries (SmartSMS.NET and SmartSMS.NETCF) are documented in help files

Downlaod the trial today, which includes sample code in VB.NET to demonstrate the core functionality.


Contact me for more information or pricing.

Software Prerequisites
In order to run this you will need to have a Smartphone or Pocket PC for Phone device, ActiveSync installed and the .NET Framework Library 1.1 installed on your computer.

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SmartSMS SDK 1.33
Expires July 2006

SmartSMS SDK 1.2

SmartSMS SDK 1.1

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