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What Operating System can I run SMSUtils on?
SendSMS has only been tested on Windows XP Professional. It should run on any version of Windows that supports Unicode. The Unicode support is required as the software on the Smartphone OS (Windows CE) only understands Unicode in the commands sent to it.

How much does the SMSUtils software cost me?
Nothing, SMSUtils is free to download and use. You only pay for the messages you send the same as you would if you sent them directly from your phone.

How much does it cost to send an SMS message with SMSUtils?
Every message you send goes through your phone and you pay the same rate as you would if you typed the message into your phone and sent it as normal.

I get a message "Module smartsms.dll failed to register", why?
This seems to happen on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME machines. This is because they do not support full Unicode applications. A solution is currently being worked on.

What happens when I send a message over 160 characters long?
The SMS will get broken up into multiple messages, each of up to 160 characters. You will be charges for each of these messages at the rate determined by your service provider.

I get the message "Failed to run process SMSSender"
A likely reason for this is that your phone is not unlocked. In order to run SMSUtils you need to make sure you Smartphone is application unlocked.

One reason for this is that your phone is not unlocked. In order to run SMSUtils you need to make sure you Smartphone is application unlocked.
The other reason this can occur is that the software components failed to register correctly during the install process. This can be fixed by:
1. Opening a command window
2. Go to the directory where you installed the software, by default this will be C:\Program Files\Dr. Neils Smartphone Utils
3. Type: Regsvr32 SmartSMS.dll

Why do I get the message "Error: Problem sending SMS message"?
There are several possible reasons for this:
1. The phone number to which you are trying to send is incorrect, check the format and the number.
2. The phone is correctly connected to the PC, ensure that ActiveSync is running and the Smartphone is 'connected'.

If I am having issues getting SMSUtils to work where can I find out more information?
SMSUtils adds error messages to the system application Event Log, you can view this from the Event Viewer in Windows. Click Start then Run and then run eventvwr.msc. The Events will be in the Application log and the source is SMSUtils.

Where can I get support if I am having issues getting SMSUtils to work?
Right now support is only available online, via forums and email. I cannot take support phone calls.

Software Prerequisites
In order to run this you will need to have a Smartphone device, ActiveSync installed and the .NET Framework Library 1.1 installed on your computer. The software uses Outlook to look up your contacts.


Version 1.0
Released Jan 9th 2006

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