Dr. Neil's SMS Utils

Read and Send SMS Messages from your PC

Integrated SMS support from your PC to your Smartphone.

New Features include:
  • Deleting SMS messages from your device
  • Marking messages as Read/Unread
  • Support for Pocket PC for Phone
  • Support for Windows Mobile 2003 devices
  • Support for Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • View SMS Messages in any of your SMS folders
  • Sent messages go into the Sent Items folder on your device
  • Handwrite your messages if you have a Tablet PC


Version 1.5 BETA
Fixes some previous issues but currently only works with Windows Mobile 5 Devices.
Works with .NET Framework 2.0 and does run on Windows Vista.
Released Jan 20th 2007

Version 1.0
Released Jan 9th 2006


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